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H4L is not dead!

by Dezzymei on Thursday 6th May at 20:43 (GMT)

I recently received a phone call (well a voicemail) asking for me to update the site!

I am sorry that I haven't done so in such a long time, but I have been busy at university and unfortunately stopped playing games so much! If anyone else would like to run the site and update it please email me from the contact page.

Much love,


by Dezzymei on Tuesday 4th March at 22:39 (GMT)

A new Xl tournament is soon to be here! Should be good fun - I am trying to get a COD4 team together, but having not played at all since Xmas not many people want to team with me - for good reason!

Anyway there is more information about the event at MATCHBOX 360. The last XL was a lot of fun and this one is going to be longer and more intense! Can't wait!

p.s. some of you may have noticed a few of the movies and montages having broken links recently - do not worry as 99% of them have been fixed now! Happy gaming!

Happy New Year

by Dezzymei on Thursday 17th January at 15:26 (GMT)

This year we have a lot ahead of us - a new massive XL tournament in the UK in March with many INTERNATIONAL teams, X-league.tv is beginning to pick up more and more key players and many advances in making pro-gaming a more viable JOB!

Singh and I are back at university but wishing that we had dropped out to "GO PRO!" but it looks like we are sticking it out for the long slog of a 3 year course - oh well, we can always neglet studies and just game 24/7 in the holidays!

Anyway I thought it was about time for an update...so yeah...




by Dezzymei on Monday 17th December at 20:14 (GMT)

Recently we had a Lan at DrSingh's House which went pretty well despite Adihash throwing up and being horribly drunken! We did get some halo in although there was a lot of guitar hero and hexic for some reason!

I am now back for the holiday season and have been trying to complete Assassin's Creed but the cutscenes are kind of getting to me! So now I'm playing Mario Galaxy on my Wii and being horribly disoriented by this strange but cool game!

But I will no doubt be going back on COD4 because that is one of the most amazing games I have ever played, graphically, user interface and gameplay wise it is amazing and stunning!

XL Report

by Dezzymei on Thursday 29th November at 21:50 (GMT)

The XL tournament was a great success and extremely fun, despite the first day consisting of just FFA on THE PIT and nothing else whatsoever!

I personally have not played Halo 3 since two days after launch and so I got destroyed in the FFA tounrnament, however Singh did pretty good and I believe he came 9th since he was just one kill of top 8.

The winner was Adamack who did very well in the intense final. There were quite a few upset games in the 4v4. There will be a full video update on X-league.tv soon enough.

There is going to be a big lan at Singh's house this weekend which I hope to do better at - and update of this event to come soon too as well as some photos!

For now please check out the best montage I have seen in a long time - Yeadude's colour montage. Until next week!

XL Tournament at the NEC Birmingham

by Dezzymei on Thursday 1st November at 15:06 (GMT)

In just 2 weeks there is going to be another XL tournament which will also be televised by X-league.tv.

Singh and I will certainly be going, however I am at university now and so I haven't played in quite some time! So you will probably see me get destroyed but it should be fun trying.

I am going to come home this weekend and try and get some practise in so you may see me online a little - but if now I hope to see some of you at the tournament!

H4L Update - New Campbelltage AND New Voidtage

by Dezzymei on Wednesday 10th October at 15:28 (GMT)

Check out Campbell's new montage here! I be lovin' the credits too!

And yes Void is back in town and he has made a few Halo 2 vids which (despite the music) have some very good gameplay clips - which you can find easily here.

DrSingh and Void are now off at university studying various things so that DrSingh can become a doctor and Void can become erm... Void I guess... I am also at Uni trying to learn how to use a computer better like, but its not going so well so far!

Unfortunately I am living at uni and have no Xbox and so you won't see me online, but Void and Singh are definitely playing as well as all the rest of H4L - so its just me who is AWOL...

There is going to be another tournament (XL) in Birmingham here in the UK on the 17-18th Nov which I will hopefully be able to attend - but out of practise I'm gonna get raaaaaaaaaaaped so hard.

More updates to come!

Halo 3 - NOW!

by Dezzymei on Wednesday 26th September at 21:19 (GMT)

The most anticipated game EVER is now out and lives up to the hype very well. I got my copy last night and completed the campaign with 3 other friends online last night and although you still cannot work out what on earth (or halo) is going on in the plot, the gameplay and graphics andweapons and AI and loading and detail and textures and vehicles and extras ... are nothing less than great. Altogether making this THE BEST GAME I have ever played!

I managed to go to the launch party at the iMax with Halo 3 on the huge iMax screen! We all managed to grab a free copy and I have been playing it all night! There I met some cool guys from Bungie (head of cinematics and a head of program development - I think they were their titles) and they were extremely cool and very excited about their game launch as they know just how great it is - because they made it!

I will be online now (on Dezzymei) for the next few days pretty much solid, but they I start Uni on Sunday and I do not know how much time I will have to play. I know that all of the rest of H4L are playing a lot and will continue to do so FOREVER!

For now I hope you all enjoy the game as much as I am and see you online!

Halo 3 Out Soon!

by Dezzymei on Friday 31st August at 9:06 (GMT)

The official launch date is on 25th September for America and the 26th for those in Europe (like me!). We are all looking forward to the Halo 3 Launch which has now gone gold even before it has commenced selling!

Yeadude has made a very cool flash subdomain update - yeadude.halo4life.co.uk - and it is worth waiting for the download!

There have been a few tournaments in the UK since I last updated - such as XL - which Singh went to with his new team mates. There is going to be another one soon and so we look forward to that - maybe I wont be away this time and so wilk be able to come along. Also there will be an X-League Lan sometime in November and I will definitely be going to that!

University starts for me on October 1st and so I have about a month left of my summer break. I may be playing some games on the 360 now that I have a beautiful 52" Samsung LCD with 1080p full HD! Singh is also here at my house for a few days and will no doubt be playing lots of GoW and loads of his new arcade games!

p.s. if anyone wants to send us some vids or pix or other content related to Halo or other video games - then feel free to email me (contact) or send it to me over MSN or AIM and I will be sure to look at it!

The Long Summer Ahead...and Campbell's new trailer!

by Dezzymei on Tuesday 26th June at 10:09 (GMT)

First things first, Campbell has been working extremely hard towards his new trailer and with only 3 weeks of footage on a brand new game he has done an amazing job! He has also been playing around with Adobe After Effects and has been making some cool 3D effects which he will no doubt show off when he brings out his full Halo 3 Montage! Link here to download Campbell's new Halo 3 trailer.

Singh and I have had many exams over the past month and the amount I have been gaming has been limited to owning everyone at Worms HD on the Xbox Live Arcade, Halo 1 old school lannage and maybe a little Pac Man: CE (they don't want to admit it but it does stand for combat evolved!).

Unfortunately I was too excited to try and set up recording in HD, and seeing as I had a new TV I did not want to play in old school picture quality. However I did enter a Halo 3 contest for X-league.tv and didn't do too badly in that considering...

I am going to America this summer for work not play this time and Singh is heading off to Texas and is thinking about going to MLG Dallas - which we are all persuading him to do so!

We hope to be seeing a lot more action on here when I get back as I will hopefully be updating the site with new computing knowledge from the US of A!



The beta is still being "tested"

by Dezzymei on Thursday 24th April at 15:28 (GMT)

First things first; I have to apologise about the FAKE button glitch that so many of you guys tried to do. It was quite funny to have so many people bashing buttons on the crackdown screen to get the beta just because I had it so this had to be the way! But actually I got a nice press pass from the guys at X-League.tv a day early! Their gaming TV channel is now up on the Sky platform (channel 291) and is the only UK gaming channel out there. So go join up and lets get some tournaments going.

I hope that all of you guys are enjoying the beta. Most of the feedback has been good. A few of the team are trying to get some footage together, but we have the small problem of recording in HD since HD cap cards are really quite expensive.

Nonetheless since we can save games we can watch them back in lower quality and record like this, but it takes a long time, and since I (Dezzymei) am right in the middle of my final exams at school I don't really have the time yet. Campbell is on the case though and Sam as well has been getting some amazing footage!


by Dezzymei on Tuesday 15th April at 22:31 (GMT)

OK so I got the beta a little early, it was just a button glitch; if you try to download the beta in crackdown and then if you hold LS down with RS and then you press LT LT LB LB RB RB RT RT X Y A Y X Y A Y, then it will let you download the beta from crackdown!


Here is a little footage I have just put together:

Small H3 vid

Campbell Montage!

by Dezzymei on Sunday 22nd April at 18:44 pm (GMT)

Check out Campbell's new montage here - it is utter rape. Also check out his subdomain here. Rape Rape.

Halo 3 beta is with us in less than a month - about 3 weeks now and on May 16th we will definately be on to check it out expecially after seeing the multiplayer vidoc on bungie.net - click here and go to the bottom for the vid.

So hopefully you will see "Dezzymei is online" and playing the beta if you ar on my FL hit me up on an invite for some organised scrims. Hehe! I'm gonna screw up my exams because of this beta - exams start the week after this for me so I should be working but I don't think so somehow! Since there is only 3 week until the beta finishes on June 6th I will have to sacrifice some exam revision time - o well! And btw "kids stay in school"!

New Monkey montage

by Dezzymei on Tuesday 10th April at 12:44 pm (GMT)

Just been watching Imortal get owned in Monkey's new montage - check it out here! I especially love the old school arcade duck shoot game which has been customed to Halo!

Also keep an eye on our subdomains as our members are making some really cool stuff!

H4L Update

by Dezzymei on Monday 12th March at 10:08 pm (GMT)

HELLO EVERYBODY! Another update is here, and we shall tell you whats going on with the H4L team right now. Not much gaming is happening since exams and work have been getting in the way. The last year of school is a stressful time and although our exams may be over we are still working hard - so kids stay in school and work hard, or go pro, whichever is easier! Campbell is in the process of making his first montage and hopefully will be out very soon!

I am about to be working on some subdomain designs and looking for ways to improve H4L with a little bit of time off this week. But it means I have to play around and break some of the website code in doing so - so apologies in advace for the intermittent service!

I have been playing Crackdown quite a bit and although I have completed the main missions and bosses (which isn't hard at all) I still am yet to max out everything (I have 4 star everything ofcourse!) and get all the orbs, but I really can't be bothered to jump around for hours looking for the last 20! However I can't wait for the Halo 3 Beta to come out as it will be (hopefully) one of the best games out for a long time on any console.

Anyways we will keep you guys updated with whats going on around here but for now keep checking the subdomains - particularly Campbell's and Yeadude's as they are updating it quite a bit!

H4L Update: No more exams!

by Dezzymei on Monday 19th February at 07:08 am (GMT)

Finally the H4L team have finished their exams and we can now focus on generating some more Halo4life content! After 20 exams over 4 weeks the for the team we are now ready for some gaming. Singh and I have been playing some Halo 1 Lan as well as on XBC (xbox connect) over the web which although maybe pretty horrible off host is still a fun game to play. So if there is anyone out there who would like to take us on either 1v1 or 2v2 do not hesitate to contact us since we are looking for good UK players.

I myself have been playing a bit more too and have completed NFS Carbon over a couple of days but only managed to get 200 gamerscore from it! I have also been playing some Dead Rising as it's always fun to watch as well as play! However Saints Row is still only on about 40% since everytime I play it In just end up doing the mini missions where I get to kill people! I have also just bought GoW finally and have been playing a bit of that, but I definately need some more practice if I want to get any good at it. At the same time Zuma is one of the most addictive arcade games and I am determined to beat it!

I would just like to link you guys to a subdomain that is looking pretty cool now - Yeadude who is pretty good with flash and has made some cool animations and we are expecting more from him soon as well as some flash games.

Finally we have come across a very nice looking video gaming tournament company and TV channel who will be launching over here in the UK soon and we would like you guys to take a look here at X-League TV. Check out their promo vid here too.

Happy New Year From H4L!

by Dezzymei on Thursday 12th January at 11:41 am (GMT)

Welcome to the year 2007, the year of Halo 3, the most exciting year of gaming and online communities so far!

The Halo4Life team - Singh, Dezzymei and Void are all going through exams right now for A-Levels and so are unfortunately not getting much time to contribute to the site. However in a months time, when all exams are finished and everything is done we shall have some new cool content and a new design for you guys to get into. If there is anything you guys would like in the new design please contact us here and give us some info on what you guys want!

We also expect to be getting the Halo 3 beta version soon which we will try to get some footage of and upload onto here!

For now we hope you all have a good new year, and expect some cool gaming to come!

Christmas Update

by Dezzymei on Thursday 21st December at 22:28 pm (GMT)

Well its been a busy few weeks! The XL lan went down well and people are still talking about it; however quite a few people have stopped playing! Nonetheless the holiday season brings time for us all to play!

Singh's montage is still being downloaded by quite a few daily and we have lots of subdomain activity going on, with Yeadude's subdomain being updated.

Quite a few people have gotten into GoW (Gears of War on the Xbox 360) and we will have some footage up about that soon, however Singh and I have many exams in January which we are both working towards right now so we don't have much time to play unfortunately. Nonetheless we will be on MSN and AIM everyday so check out our info on the contact page and keep in touch!

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