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Weekly Update

by Dezzymei on Tuesday 21st November at 19:00 pm (GMT)

XL is nearly here and many of us are getting packed for a weekend of non-stop LAN and pizza! :) Singh and Void are definately going down to the LAN at the NEC in Birmingham however I have won myself a trip to America to tour the Microsoft Studios (and other related companies) hence I will be away in America (Seattle, Washington) and unfortunately will miss the biggest LAN in UK history...

Fortunately Singh will be taking some photos and we will get these uploaded after the event so those of us who can't make it won't miss out!

Last weekend Singh and I (Dezzymei) had some editing time, spurring Singh on to finish his montage. Whether it will be done by the weekend is questionable but it will be done soon nonetheless!

So all you going to XL good luck and I can't wait to get the feedback for it, I'm sorry I'm gonna miss it :'( If any of you get some pictures from the event feel free to add us from our contact details page on MSN messenger or AIM and send them to us - we will host them on here in the pictures section and you will get your name up! :)

Weekly Update

by Dezzymei on Monday 30th October at 17:58 pm (GMT)

Ok, so as you may see there isn't much new done on the site. We have some more montages up but there are still a few pages missing...we are aware but with work and new games I just CBA! :-D

The more observant of you will realise that the "Google ads" have disappeared...this is of course because we at Halo4Life.com are not in it for making money, but in stead we want to give back to the community with no stupid advertisements to get in the way. (N.B. This has no relation to the fact that I myself clicked the ads about 2342175428759425 times in one day...well everyday...well every hour for a week - I definately did not get banned!)

Singh is still away until tomorrow (Tuesday) and I'm still pwning up some nubs on the new Splinter Cell, but no doubt when Singh gets back on we will be training for the 2v2 XL Tournament in the UK. View our tournaments page for more info.

Last week was half term for me. xX Colt (who you may remember from my "Enter The Ninja Montage") came to visit and we ended up with several late nights and lots of empty pizza boxes, on top of which a lot of hours were wasted failing to double shot like Imortal as well as me learning to rape bad kids on Splinter Cell: Double Agent (which I will hopefully make a video for soon), as well as killing endless innocent people on Saints Row and frying off zombies faces in Dead Rising with a frying pan (literally!).

If any of you guys wanna play some 2v2 MLG against some serious players then Singh and I will be on from Wednesday onwards for some decent games. Send us friend requests to "Dezzymei" and "H4L Singh" if you are up for some pwnage. Please bear in mind we haven't played in a while as Singh has been away and I have been sponging off some 360 for a while - so you may be in for an easy win!

XL LAN Tournament in the UK!

by Dezzymei on Tuesday 24th October at 12:48 pm (GMT)

As much of the UK scene know there is a big LAN going to happen in late November (25th-26th) at the NEC in Birmingham. This is being organised by our good friends over at Matchbox360.co.uk.

Check out our tournaments page for more information on the event!

Hopefully Singh's montage will be released at this event and the H4L team (Dezzymei, Singh, LordSam(SpacMayne), Imortal and hopefully some more of us!) will all be coming to XL to play some Lannage!

Don't forget to download Imortal's new montage from the montage page. This is one of the best montages out there! Click here to watch!

Imortal's Third Montage - out now - halo4life.com

by Dezzymei on Sunday 22nd October

Finally Imortal's montage (edited by Void) is HERE!

This montage has been worked on for a very long time and has some of the best footage I have ever seen in it! Void is a brilliant editor and this is without a doubt one of his best works. Right click here to save as.

Imortal has been practising his double shot for far too long but he can not be touched when out-BR-ing someone (even across maps off-host)! This guy has an amazing skill and I can't wait to see him win some tournaments just because of his double shot. I have played him for years in Head to Heads and always thrashed him, but this was before his double shot. He can beat me just on his firepower alone now.

We have called his "bxrrxyyrrxyyrrxyyrrxyyrrx":

"The Immortal Shot" (Imortal's Shot) Because it truly is the skill of a god!

With just a little bit of tactics he will be one of the best players I have ever seen and considering he is only 14 he will be one of the best up and coming stars. I wish him all the best and thank him for *HOSTING* his montage on www.halo4life.com.

Imortal is part of the H4L (Halo4Life) Team and has his own subdomain HERE.

Enjoy Imortal's Third Montage(M3). Also Singh's montage out soon - but enjoy his trailer here

By Dezzymei

Halo4life Update

by Dezzymei on Thurs 19th October at 21:00 pm (GMT)

We at H4L would like to give you guys some more information on the montages front...

Firstly - DrSingh is going on holiday tomorrow to India to see some family but will be working on his new montage all the way! I saw his footage on the weekend and it was awesome - but he needs to refine it, cut it down and edit! Singh intends to release his montage at the big Halo 2 lan over here in the UK on November 25th-26th in Birmingham at the NEC - I think most of the H4L team will be going which will be cool - so come meet us and challenge us and no doubt be raped by us :D!

Secondly - Imortal is going to be releasing his new montage next week some time (hopefully Wednesday). It is being edited by the legendary Void who is working hard to make this one of the best H4L montages of all time.

As for other news - halo4life has recently undergone a new template change which I hope you guys all like - please leave us feedback and tell us what you think. We are going to try and make a weekly update for you guys so as to keep the content fresh.

This week!

Apart from the aforementioned montage info I (Dezzymei) am working on some pictures pages and working out how to sort out a Store! We are hopefully not only going to sell websites (subdomains) and webspace, but also computer hardware to help people start recording. We also have some contacts to get you guys some good deals on HDD (hard drive storage space) which will be cool. We will also be selling some components to help you guys start recording.

Last weekend Singh came to mine and we had some lan time (I got bxr'd in real life too...) which was extremely fun:

Joka! (Singh on the right - Dez on the left - getting bxr'd in real life...) More pictures soon...

Until next week!

Finally the new template has arrived!

Yes oh yes as you can clearly see the new template is up and working! The content side is still a little dry but is being worked on as you read this!

We have all the montages up on the new design as well as the movies now with a bit more information. We hope to get some feedback option on these montages and movies so you can rank the vids.

We still have the same forums but they are still not used that much - so get posting!

The Halo4life team will be updating all the pages ASAP with contact information and the links to the subdomains this week and most things should be functional within a few weeks. Including a new feedback section.

I hope it all looks good to you guys and I hope we can continue to grow Halo4Life.

The Halo4Life Team

P.S. We now have adverts - google ads - but hopefully they shouldn't be invasive! We will review them soon.

Singh's montage trailer

By popular demand Singh has released a preview to his new montage.
Click here to watch! Exclusive to halo4life!

Also xX Singh Xx has made a new sub-domain. His new montage out on the 22nd October is described to be "one of the most anticipated montages of the year and in halo4life history".

Check out his sub @ www.drsingh.halo4life.co.uk As for the new template design, we are still coding thepages, and we will hopefully have it ready soon!

Don't forget Doppel's montage is recently out - click here to watch!

Doppelganger really is the sticky god!

I still can't work out how perfect all of Doppel's stickies are, but he can do some pretty mean sniping as well!

Check out the second Doppelganger montage exclusive to halo4life here (right click save as)


Contact Doppel on his msn for feedback as well please:
d0ppelganger2@yahoo.com - (note zero)

Singh's quote -
"Doppel lives up to the role of a sticky god " Singh pslam 18


tizzley90@hotmail.com This kid is a BAD KID. He has the nerve to talk trash. BAD KID TIZZELY90.

Modding has taken a new toll

Midship is where the latest modding takes place. Singh came across enemy level 45 modders on Midship, but still managed to fend them off by controlling the BRs.
It appears that modding on old maps is possible. The halo4life team speculate that this is by use of a mod chip which allows the user to play off his own version of thegame on the HDD (hard drive) by editing the maps files saved on his Xbox hard drive.

Click here to see the game stats from Bungie.

Click here to see the game.
More info and video footage to come!

PhyRs Gwood CLICK here

New tutorials out now!

The long awaited updates are finally coming through! Firstly we have a beginners tutorial for recording games from your Xbox!
As well as a Beta Tutorial for Sony Vegas! visit:
Soon we will also have some updates to the video section as well as some neat other tutorial.

Stay tuned and watch this space : : : LAN PICS AND MOVIES SOON TOO!

Doppelganger 2 :: Montage 1 :: The Divine Sticks

I do not quite understand how he knows when or how or what or who to throw these stickies at but this montage will change your perspective on the left trigger. I play with this guy and he hits these sticks about 90% of the time. I just don't understand it.

Download it here!(right click to save as)

Anyway don't let the classical music put you off, it will grow on you!

Dezzymei's final chapter

Finally his montage is here and it owns! Exclusive to halo4life!

Music: Fatman scoop and Timberland - Now Drop, and Kanye West (feat maroon 5) Heard 'em say.

Editing programs: Vegas 5.0, Photoshop CS2 and Dezzy's rape pc!

Dezzy now officially quits halo 2 but will be on 360 games! Email him - dezzymei@halo4life.co.uk to tell him what you think!

Click here to download!(right click to save as)

Dezzymei's resignation from halo2

Now a lot of you have asked me "r u quitin halo blud?", and the answer is yes.

Explanation: Halo2 is a great game, so great I played it for over a year and a half online and I even dedicated a website to it (h4l); but time has come to choose between playing this game for the next few months or revising for the exams that decide whether I get into university or not.

I will still be about online on some 360 games, but not as much as before. If I spent the time I wasted in lobbies I would have been able to memorise a-r of the encyclopaedia.

But do not worry for I will hopefully soon finish my montage and get it to you guys ASAP.

Email me - dezzymei@halo4life.co.uk to tell me how much you will miss me and check out my subdomain for more ranting excuses!

H4L Imortal's Preview!

We have a new addition to the site - IMORTAL. He has also made a subdomain here! which was edited by dezzymei and has also got a new preview out now edited by void.

Good news,

First off, the American tournament is over, with a close final, but team "How'd I do that" (jonstan and KILLER UNREAL 1) ended up winning and so congratulations to them.

Singh is dead!

No not really (despite the rumours); DrSingh has stopped playing halo for a few months in preparation for A-Level exams, but he will still continue with his editing for a new montage.

Congratulations Singh on getting full marks with the quickest time in the whole of the UK for your driving theory test.