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Welcome to the NEW tutorials page!

This page will be updated regularly so keep checking back here for more info!

Sony Vegas: Beta tutorial on simple functions; 22mins (220 MB) here.

The First tutorial!
How to set up a capture from an Xbox (by Dezzymei)

Capture card (Kworld 7134x) (Amazon)
Video splitter Amplifier (Maplin UK)
At least 2 sets of Composite cables (Maplin UK)
2 phono to 3.5mm headphone jack

Here is a link to a decent site in the USA for cables -http://www.cablesforless.com/ posted by Campbell

Firstly you will need a capture card. This is a device that connects to a PCI port on your computer and allows you to capture video clips from your Xbox. The H4L team all use the same capture card which was recommended by Ness. However you must be in Europe/UK to capture the PAL output from the XBOX. This can be found at Amazon for about 22 here.

However if you are from the "US of A" then a Dazzle 90 will work well for a quick "get up and go" option or the slightly more expensive Dazzle 150 is also very good quality; however the more expensive Pinnacle Pro ones are superb such as the Avid Liquid Pro 7. However do be prepared to pay quite a lot for these.

After you have that set up either via USB or PCI card then you have completed the hardest part of the battle! Now all you need are wires to connect you Xbox to your PC. Assuming that you are using the three composite standard Xbox leads then this bit is quite easy. You will need an AV-splitter which can be found here if you are again in the UK.

However if you are in the good old US of A then you can search for one on eBay - or check out http://www.cablesforless.com/. And you will need at least 2 of these phono connecting wires which will go from your splitter to both your PC and your TV. You need this because the capture quality on your PC screen may not be up to scratch and will also be slightly delayed.

Again these can be picked up from eBay at low prices and if you know a good USA site that does these then please contact dezzymei@halo4life.co.uk to get this page updated. Finally for hardware you will need an adapter to connect 2 audio cables to your PC such as this which connects to the line in on your sound card or maybe even your capture card.

If you purchase the Dazzle 90 you will not need this as you already have audio input from that device.  There you have it! Once you have purchased all of these items/similar items then you are set to go! Now you just need to connect them up as show below in this schematic diagram:

As for software the H4L team use Sony Vegas 5.0 and 6.0 but other good programs include the free stuff with Pinnacle, and also final cut pro for Macs. We are also getting into Adobe Premier Pro. If you have any other program please add some feedback in the forums. I hope this makes sense! Any questions please visit our rather small forums or email dezzymei@halo4life.co.uk.

More tutorials coming soon!